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National Science and Mathematics Standards for K-12

Click on the links below for online versions of national standards relating to science and mathematics for grades K-12. The new 2009 Benchmarks for Science Literacy include links to related research, evidence-based student misconceptions, and pedagogical support.

We recommend the National Science Digital Library StrandMaps, a free version of the Benchmarks in a graphical format, with links to related resources and pedagogy.

Benchmarks Online (American Association For the Advancement Of Science)

Main page for the AAAS Benchmarks: 2009 format

  • Benchmarks for Science Literacy
  • May be viewed or downloaded at no cost
  • Links to related research and teaching tips

NSDL StrandMaps (National Science Digital Library)

Same content as AAAS Benchmarks: graphical format

  • Click any Benchmark to view related resources in the NSDL database
  • Click "Misconceptions" to see research about student understanding of concepts

ASN Viewer (Achievement Standards Network)

Database with NSES, NAEP, AAAS, NCTM, & some state standards: linear format
To view standards, follow these steps: --

  • Use drop-down menu to select standard set
  • Click on the box that says "View"
  • Click on the upper left tab that says "Statements"

NETS (National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers, 2008)

Standards specifically for ed tech & web teaching resources.
*Note: This page allows free download of -

  • NETS for Administrators
  • NETS for Teachers
  • NETS for Students

NSES Standards (National Science Education Standards)

Free PDF Version of the NSES standards

NCTM Standards (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

**Requires Membership Fee of $66
Try the ASN Viewer (see above) for a free version of the NCTM standards.