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Folder Alexandra Grizinski's Shared Folder

Folder Alexandra Grizinski's Shared Folders
Folder Folder Cirque du Circuit: A Unit on Electric Circuits for High School Physics
Cirque du Circuit: A Unit on Electric Circuits for High School Physics  (1 resource, 8 subfolders)
This 8-day multimedia unit explores the fundamentals of electrical circuits in a highly interactive format for the beginning learner. Recent physics education research indicates that student outcomes improve when they are allowed to interactively explore concepts in a low-stakes environment, such as a computer model or simulation, prior to doing a hands-on lab. Within this unit, students will explore animated tutorials and online circuit simulators to promote concept-building before doing classroom labs. The labs are student-centered activities that ask learners to solve real-life problems by applying the ideas they explored with simulators and models. In the first lab, students are presented with a crisis situation and must extend their knowledge of electricity to build a working flashlight with salvage materials.  In the second lab, students will build a small alarm device that can be used to keep laptops secure. The final lab introduces them to a very simple electromagnet.
All About Circuits: Volume 1 - DC Circuits
This resource is a free online textbook that is part of the Open Book Project, covering basic concepts of electricity such as Ohm's law, series and parallel circuits, batteries and capacitors, and inductance.  Teachers can use this text as background and content support before starting this unit.  Chapters can also be printed and used as supplementary materials for the students to prepare them for assessments and labs.

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