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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Eyes on the Solar System - Jan 2, 2015

NASA brings together a rich array of visualization tools for a 3D exploration of our cosmic neighborhood. Informative, interactive,and great fun!

Micrometer Model - Nov 3, 2014

This interactive model is a great way to give students virtual practice in using a micrometer.  Perform measurements, then check your accuracy.

EjsS Reader for Mobile Platforms - Jul 6, 2014

The EjsS Reader App lets users download, organize and run JavaScript simulations created with Easy JavaScript Simulations for use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Graph Matching Motion Model - May 1, 2014

This inquiry-based simulation offers a powerful platform for helping students understand the shape and slope of motion graphs and how to interpret them. Your students will be doing a form of modeling as they "match" the motion of a red ball to that of a blue ball. Be careful -- this activity can be addictive!

Desmos Graphing Calculator - May 1, 2014

Versatile online calculator lets you view multiple graphs on one grid, create your own interactive graph, and easily embed your creation.

SEI Clicker and Education Videos - Feb 1, 2014

Electronic student response systems have been shown to improve student engagement and attitudes toward learning. These short videos take an inside look at "clickers" in the classroom and how to use them to best advantage.

Concord Consortium: SmartGraphs - Jul 2, 2013

These digital SmartGraphs accept student inputs, then provide scaffolding to promote deep understanding of the meaning behind the graphs. Classroom tested.

Create a Graph - Jan 23, 2013

Kids can easily create and print customized graphs to enhance their presentations. And it's free. Choose from 5 graph types.

Ejs Intro 1D Motion Lab Model - Dec 11, 2012

Exemplary resource provides step-by-step instructions for students to explore 1D motion through computer modeling. Requires no prior programming experience.

NSDL Science Literacy Maps - Oct 15, 2012

This powerful tool displays concept connections among all the major strands of science, plus mathematics and engineering. Also shows how the concepts build upon each other across grade bands. Based on Benchmarks for Science Literacy

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