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Scientific Inquiry for Elementary Students - Nov 9, 2013

This resource traces the beginning steps in science inquiry: high initial engagement, full participation in a real-world activity, and creative design.

Magnet Man: Cool Experiments with Magnets - Nov 9, 2013

Lesson plans on this site builds magnetic concepts with video and hands-on activities.

TryEngineering: Lesson Plans - Oct 17, 2013

Want to do more integration of engineering practices? Here are turn-key lessons with student guides and worksheets.

Science Buddies: Experimental Procedure - Oct 17, 2013

Explicit help in setting up experimental and control groups, writing detailed procedures, and understanding reliability.

PhET Teacher Activities-Middle School: Build An Atom - Oct 17, 2013

Exemplary turn-key, scripted lesson plan that blends hands-on activities with the PhET simulation "Build An Atom". Excellent way to help kids visualize atomic structure.

Teachers' Domain: Galileo: A Different Thinker - Sep 5, 2013

Galileo's classic experiments on gravity and inertia are presented in an entertaining multimedia format.

Fermilab: Data-based Investigations - Sep 5, 2013

Investigations to support core proficiencies via use of data available through national laboratories. Activities include Top Quark Mass, Investigating Special Relativity, Cosmic Ray e-Lab, Search for Higgs, and Sloan Sky Server Project.

Science Educator's Guide to Assessment - Sep 5, 2013

This assessment guide is designed to help science teachers find their way through the maze of assessment by providing clearly written purposes and methods.

Navigational Vectors - Sep 5, 2013

This unique and highly engaging project provides opportunities for students to apply understanding of vectors as they learn airplane navigation by tracking airplanes flying in U.S. skies.

Science NetLinks: Sensing Energy - Sep 4, 2013

Kids use UV detection beads to explore unseen energy from the sun.  Great fun -- appropriate for upper elementary.

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