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Newton's Laws - Oct 20, 2011

This page features David Wiley's student activities and simple demonstrations of Newton's Law's.

Problem Based Learning for College (and AP) Physics: Murder You Solve - Aug 25, 2011

A CSI Crime Investigation where students will sift through given information to separate useful from irrelevant data, then collaborate to apply physics in finding solutions. They will be applying concepts of projectile motion, frames of reference, Newton's Second Law, and conservation of momentum. This is a resource which includes a printable student manual and links to background information on the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) instructional method.  Registered users may also access a teacher's guide.

Graph Matching Motion Model - Aug 18, 2011

This inquiry-based simulation offers a powerful platform for helping students understand the shape and slope of motion graphs and how to interpret them. Your students will be doing a form of modeling as they "match" the motion of a red ball to that of a blue ball. Be careful -- this activity can be addictive!

Conceptual Physics - Aug 11, 2011

Take a look at this free online textbook, a non-mathematical conceptual course aimed at students with little or no prior background in physics. The author adopts a modern approach that revolves around the concepts of symmetry and conservation laws. It can be viewed online or freely downloaded in pdf format.

An Introduction to Assessments in K–12 Science Curricula - Aug 9, 2011

This guide is a resource with materials appropriate for teachers of science at all pre-college levels featuring many assessment types with explanations.

27 Tips to Starting the Year off Right - Aug 9, 2011

Starting off on the right foot is vital for new teachers, this resource is full of time-tested and practical suggestions for the new and (not so new) teacher.

WISE: The Web-based Inquiry Science Environment - Aug 3, 2011

These ready-to-use, free modules for K-12 science education offer students a highly-engaging blend of video clips, interactive simulations, digital note taking, and guided investigation. Topics include heat, motion, phases of matter, and electric charge.

Physical Units - Aug 3, 2011

Warm-up for the fall -- dimension your units! This site holds a wealth of information on units, their conversions, dimensional analysis and much more...

Imagine the Universe Lesson Plan: Time That Period - Aug 2, 2011

Developed by the Imagine the Universe project through NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, this lesson plan engages students, step-by-step in the analysis of data obtained by high-energy satellites.

CASES Online: Lights Out! - A Circuit Activity - Jul 12, 2011

Working against time, this inquiry-focused lesson plan is a problem-based activity that requires students to produce a working flashlight from parts.

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