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Cultivating Our Physics Community and Reaping the Next Generation of Physics Teachers Documents

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Cultivating Our Physics Community and Reaping the Next Generation of Physics Teachers 

written by Cathy Ezrailson

Even if today's physics and physical science teacher has been fortunate enough to graduate from an excellent college or university teacher preparation program, as this teacher begins a career teaching high school physics, he or she is typically: 1) the only physics or physical science teacher on the campus, 2) teaches physics as only one of several course responsibilities, 3) has inherited low tech, ancient (enigmatic), broken or inadequate equipment with which to carry out necessary labs and 4) has little contact with a physics mentor or other physics teachers on a regular basis. Add to this dilemma a lack of the possession of anything like an experienced teacher's "bag of tricks" or other resources to help in planning a coherent curriculum for student learning, the new or cross-over physics teacher has a difficult road ahead. University and college faculty, if aware of this situation may want to help but may be at a loss to know where to begin. Mentoring requires time and resources with a plan of action behind it. There are many excellent formal mentoring programs in place as exemplified by TIR and PTRA. But it is through the many informal support mechanisms and ready online resources that can be offered to the many needy and isolated high school physics teachers that the greatest national impact may be made. The Physics Front and other online libraries and collections can be a lifeline and a means of communication and support between college faculty and public school teacher alike.

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Published March 20, 2007
Last Modified March 24, 2007

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Physics Front Chutes and Ladders 

This game is designed as a fun exploration of The Physics Front, an online resource collection for Pre-College physics and physical science education.

Released under a © Cathy Ezrailson. Can be used for non-commercial purposes with the permission of the author.

Published March 20, 2007
Last Modified March 24, 2007

Chutes and Ladder Board 

This file contains the game board and spinner for the Physics Front Chutes and Ladders game.

Released under a © ComPADRE. Available for non-commercial use.

Published March 20, 2007
Last Modified March 24, 2007